Light Workshop – small exhibition at Mucsarnok Kunsthalle / Melycsarnok, Budapest March 8 – 14 / 2015

Connected to the International Light Symposium, the exhibition featured thematic works related to the International Year of Light by members of the International Kepes Society. The exhibition was opened by Attila Csáji, president of the Kepes Society
08 March 2015 – 14 March 2015 /

Artists: Dieter Jung (DE), Pócsy Ferenc (US), Balázs Telek ( HU), Waltraud Cooper (AU), Gilah Yelin Hirsch (US), István Orosz (HU), Valéria Inkler (HU), Valdemár Mattis-Teutsch (RO), Sally Weber (US), Kuchta Klára (CH), Carlo Bernardini (IT), Antal Kelle (CH), Zoltán Bohus (UK), Bálint Bolygó (UK), László Zsolt Bordos (HU), Éva Bortnyik & Csaba Tubák (AU), Michael Bleyenberg (DE)

Music:  Stockhausen, Kontakte – Teil 1

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