‘ESCAPE’ by Bordos.ArtWorks screened at Ars Electronica 2014

Expanded Animation
In this program, animation takes leave of its usual screening rooms for venues that include gallery spaces, cathedrals, façades and landscapes, and reconfigures these settings in the process.



Box 05:25 | Bot & Dolly (US)
THE ARK 05:16 | Romain Tardy (Independant) (FR)
A million times 01:21 | Humans since 1982 (SE/GE)
Lighthouse 3D Mapping. 01:34 | Yury Pelin (RU)
The Colony – A tale on Textile 03:25 | Joshuah Brindin Howard (US), Lorenz Potthast (DE), Jonas Wiese (DE) (Urbanscreen) with Svenja Keune (DE)
ESCAPE 06:11 | Laszlo Zsolt Bordos (HU)
O (Omicron) 04:27 | Romain Tardy (FR)
advection 04:02 | Robert Seidel, David Kamp (DE)
Light Leaks 01:22 | Kyle McDonald (US), Jonas Jongejan (DK)
the impenetrable 05:21 | mihai grecu (RO)
The Flood Panels 09:08 | DEPART (AT)
Khôra I. 06:18 | The Macula (CZ)




Photos by Jonas Harr FRIESTAD