Scenery Mapping for the ballet spectacle: Endless Europe / 19.08.2014

As part of the 25th Anniversary of  Paneuropean Piknik and Inauguration of the Soproni Ballet

Video coming soon!

Bordos.ArtWorks Showreel 2006-2011 / 15 min.

Bordos.ArtWorks is the artist name of László Zsolt Bordos, a 3d artist living in Budapest, Hungary. He started as a VJ, performing in the underground party culture of Budapest, since year 2000. With his early 3d-vjing (2000-2004), participation to architectural slide projections (2002-2005), outrageous video projections (2005-2006) and with his 3d mapping project made at Heavent Paris (2007), he belongs to the first generation of 3d mapping artists. Having many projects, he started to invite his artist friends into the projects. Since year 2010 he is running the projects under the name: Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists. Today Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists are internationally recognized as eminent representatives of video projection mapping. For more information check out:

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